Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

This is the time of year people gather around the dinner table to celebrate a Thanksgiving feast fit for a king.  Many pet owners enjoy sharing this meal with their pets.  Whether you own a small pocket pet or a large dog, there are ways you can share, just be mindful of a few Thanksgiving pet safety tips.

Turkey Is Good For Your Pet

Most pets can tolerate turkey.  It is a lean protein and given in moderation can be quite a treat.  Make sure you avoid giving fatty pieces to your pet as this can cause painful pancreatitis or gastroenteritis.   Also avoid giving your pet any turkey bones as they splinter like chicken bones and can get caught in your pet’s esophagus.   If your family enjoys a nice juicy ham, remember ham isn’t as lean as turkey and not good for your pet.

Pets Enjoy Fruit and Vegetables

Most pets like fruit and vegetables.  Avoid grapes and raisins if you have a cat or dog.  Some pocket pets can handle a few raisins in moderation.  Better choices are carrots, green beans, peas and apples.  Cranberry sauce is ok too.  Just remember fruits can contain sugar and too much is not good.  Avoid casseroles because the extra ingredients aren’t beneficial to your pet.  Plain mashed potatoes will be enjoyed too.  Most birds and pockets pets enjoy an occasional treat too.

Avoid Onions

This is an often-overlooked Thanksgiving pet safety tip. Onions can destroy the red blood cells in dogs and cats.  Food like garlic, onions, leaks and scallions should be avoided.  Too many can cause anemia. 

Provide Fresh Water

Your pet needs fresh water, especially on Thanksgiving when many people are around and the kitchen may be hotter than usual.  Make sure you remember to give your pet plenty of fresh water.

Keep The Garbage Up

Garbage is often a problem on Thanksgiving.  Scraps and food wrappers fill the garbage quickly.  Your pet may think they have hit the jackpot but later they will pay the price.  Food wrappers, aluminum foil and saran wrap can cause intestinal obstructions.  Eating too much of the wrong food can cause problems like diarrhea, vomiting and upset stomach.

Watch The Desserts

Most people know chocolate is toxic to pets but there are many other foods toxic to pets.  Pets can also have reaction to desserts that include alcohol.  If you have small children, make sure they don’t feed your pet without supervision.  Small children love to feed the family dog but don’t usually know which foods are good or bad for the pet. 

Miscellaneous Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

Keep your pet calm during the holidays.  Remember to keep their diet and exercise the same as you normally would.  Be sensitive to your pet and keep an eye on when they’ve had enough company.

Advanced Animal Care wishes you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.  We hope these simple Thanksgiving pet safety tips keep your pet safe.  If not, Advanced Animal Care is available 24/7 in case you need an emergency veterinary hospital.

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