A Veterinarian for Your Exotic Pet

If you are looking for a veterinarian for your exotic pet, you will find Dr. Rachel Cullman-Clark will help you take care of just about any pet you have. This is great news for those of us who love animals and enjoy the company of unconventional pets.  Special animals require special care and it’s nice to know when you have a concern about your pet you have somewhere to turn to.

Pet Wildlife

It is both dangerous and illegal in our state to keep wildlife as pets without licensing from the appropriate authorities. If you find an injured wild animal, we recommend contacting a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for advice. 

Exotic Pets

Today there are many different types of exotic pets.  Ferrets, Sugar Gliders and Chinchillas are only a few of the exotic pets out there.  Providing for exotic pets requires lots of learning about their unique needs and spending time and money providing the necessary habitat and nutrition. Just like with a dog or cat, regular visits to a veterinarian can help keep your exotic pet healthy for years to come. 

Reptiles and Amphibians

Caring for a reptile or amphibian as a pet requires a good bit of knowledge about what your particular pet needs to remain healthy.  Your veterinarian for exotic pets can help you in the event you notice something going wrong with your pet.  Accidents, injuries, disease and infections are only some of the problems you may encounter.

The Veterinarian For Your Exotic Pet

Being qualified to provide veterinary services for exotic pets requires extra experience and education that not every veterinarian is willing to do.  Advanced Animal Care is proud to have a doctor on staff who is both qualified and experienced in offering veterinary services to many different animals and pets.  If you have an exotic pet or an unusual pet in your care, call Advanced Animal Care and they will be happy to help you keep your pet in the best health possible.

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