My Dog Seems More Tired Than Usual. Help!

Many people call a veterinarian in Richmond Kentucky because their dog's seeming more tired than usual.  It’s a good idea any time you don’t know what is wrong with your pup and you notice a change in his normal routine that you do call your vet and make sure nothing is wrong.  It is better to be reassured everything is fine than waiting and allowing a serious problem to get worse.

Lethargy In Dogs

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You wake up one morning and notice your faithful friend has no energy and doesn’t feel like playing.  Maybe he isn’t interested in his favorite toy or going outside.  There are a few other symptoms you should check.  How is he breathing?  This could indicate a problem with his heart or heartworms.  Does he seem sick?  Lethargy in Dogs can be caused by a number of diseases.  It is good to check with your veterinarian in Richmond Kentucky to get a proper diagnosis.

Causes of Lethargy

Some of the main causes of lethargy in dogs is infections such as canine distemper or canine paravirus.  There are other infections, bacterial and viral that can cause lethargy and a dog will appear sick.  If you are noticing lethargy and other symptoms such as vomiting and/or diarhea you should bring your dog to the veternarian as soon as you can.  Dehydration or death from a serious infection is an outcome you want to avoid.  Some of these illnesses can be prevented with vaccinations at your regular exam. Others will require antibiotics.

Another cause of lethargy is anemia.  Anemia is often caused by parasites such as a flea infection or intestinal parasite. This is often seen in puppies.  There also may be internal bleeding as in the case of an ulcer.  A sign of severe anemia is pale gums.

Lethargy can also be a sign of heart disease or other organ disease.  Heartworms are common in dogs who are not on a prevention regimen.  Heartworms come from mosquitoes and it only takes one bite.  Heartworms and congestive heart failure often look the same.  The heart is not the only organ that can get diseased.  Other organ disease also causes lethargy.

Finally, some lethargy is normal, as a dog gets older.  Problems with osteoarthritis causes pain as the dog ages and to avoid the pain, they will become less active.  It is important for your dog, that you schedule regular visits with your Richmond Kentucky Veterinarian so that you can make sure your dog is staying as healthy as possible.  Poor diet and obesity can cause your dog to age quicker than you want.

If Your dog's behavior is out of the ordinary, we recommend bringing him or her in for a wellness exam.  Call Advanced Animal Care, Richmond today.

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