12 Signs You're an Awesome Dog Mom

In honor of the wonderful bond we have with our fur-babies, here are 12 signs you're a dog mom, and proud of it: 

  1. You sleep in a tiny corner of the bed while your dog spreads out luxuriously.
  2. You whip out your phone to show photos of your dog to people you’ve just met.
  3. You engage in “social petworking” – your dog has his own Twitter, Facebook or Instagram page (actress Amanda Seyfried’s Aussie shepherd, Finn, has over 13,000 Twitter followers, for instance).
  4. You watch “Marley & Me” when you need a really good cry.
  5. You leave social gatherings early because your dog has been home alone too long.
  6. You rock dog hair like a fashion accessory.
  7. You spell out words like “W-A-L-K” in the presence of your dog if it’s not actually time to go outside
  8. Your dog was a bridesmaid or ring bearer in your wedding.
  9. Your dog answers to his name as well as “Baby,” “Sweet Pea,” “Little Love,” “Mr. Perfect Handsome Boy,” “Fuzzy Buddy” and/or many, many other terms of endearment.
  10. You make decisions based on how your dog would react (See: “This apartment is nice, but where’s the closest dog park?”)
  11. People give you mugs or t-shirts with slogans like, “I’d go to the gym but my dog needs me” and “Dog Is My Co-Pilot” and “I don’t care who dies in the movie, as long as the dog lives.”
  12. You see a puppy and start wondering if your dog needs a sister or brother.dog in bed

How to celebrate Dog Mom Day 

  1. Plan outdoor activities: set aside time to spend with your fur-babies.Take your dog for a hike or nature walk. Visit a leash-free dog park to romp and play with your pup with other fur-loving families. Any of these simple, fun ideas will get you out into the world so you can both enjoy the freedom and exercise.
  2. dog in wedding Take special photos: Just like the mothers of human babies, make it a tradition to take an annual photo with your fur-baby. Don’t just snap an old-school Polaroid. Instead, find a photographer who is experienced working with pets, choose a few matching or coordinated outfits, and go all out. Remember candid photos are as much – or more – fun than posed shots. Hint: a photo shoot is a fabulous excuse to go shopping for you and your pet. 
  3. Buy a new toy for your pet: Show them how much you love being their dog mom by giving them a new toy and playing with them for the day. 



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