How Can the Weather Affect Your Pet?

Outdoor temperature plays a role in health from both an Eastern and Western perspective. A healthy body—whether human or animal—should be able to adapt easily to changes in weather, until it starts getting into extremes. However, if the body is already out of balance, your dog or cat may experience more inflammation as the temperature rises.

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Taming Feral Cats

Taming feral cats can be a long process.  If you have a chance to work with a kitten it is a little bit easier.  Feral cats are either born in the wild or have been dropped off by humans.   In the wild they have had to protect themselves from predators and to them, a large person looks like a predator.  If you trap a feral cat, it may take a long time for them to feel comfortable around you.  Many people interested in cats once they trap the cat, will take him to our veterinarian in Richmond.  They will have an overall exam and a surgery to have them spaye

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My Pets Breath Stinks!! What do I do?

Good health for your dog and cat often starts at…well, the beginning. That is your pet’s mouth. Often the first time the pet owner really thinks about the mouth is when they get a good whiff of their dog or cat’s breath. It can be anything from a slightly gamey smell, to a sour smell, to a terrible sewer-like smell.

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How To Care For A Diabetic Pet

You may have not known that your dog or cat could even get diabetes. But they can, and veterinarians are seeing more and more of it due to diet and sedentary lifestyles in our dogs and cats.

The good news is, early detection means diabetes is treatable. However, like many diseases, it can require some serious lifestyle changes.

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