Dog Spaying and Neutering - How Spaying & Neutering Affects Dog Health

How does dog spaying or neutering impact the health and wellbeing of my pet?

Spays and neuters for dogs are very beneficial in preventing certain diseases. For example, female dogs can get something called a pyometra. It's an infection of their uterus. Male dogs, if they're left intact, can have prosthetic issues in which they have trouble urinating, et cetera. And then there’s the obvious benefit of limiting their ability to reproduce.

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Dog Pregnancy

At Advanced Animal Care, our veterinary team understands the commitment involved in helping to manage a dog pregnancy for your beloved canine companion. 

Our services include:

  • Caesarean Sections
  • Ultrasonography for Pregnancy Diagnosis 

Our services also include management of:

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Dog Emergency Care - What to Do During a Dog Emergency

If your dog has suffered a sudden trauma or is experiencing any life threatening symptoms, please call us immediately at: (859) 202-3641

What should I do if my dog is having an emergency?

Hopefully, you have the ability to qualify whether or not it's an emergency—trouble breathing, sudden collapse, maybe a neurologic event, tremors, et cetera. You should be able to classify that and absolutely call your nearest emergency veterinarian hospital.

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