How Do I Know When to Take My Pet to the Vet?

How do I know when to take my pet to the vet? This is a good question. And it is a rather common question. Because too many times, pet owners worry that they waited too long or brought their pet to see the doctor too soon, and somehow they will be at fault if Fluffy has any issues.

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Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

This is the time of year people gather around the dinner table to celebrate a Thanksgiving feast fit for a king.  Many pet owners enjoy sharing this meal with their pets.  Whether you own a small pocket pet or a large dog, there are ways you can share, just be mindful of a few Thanksgiving pet safety tips.

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Preparing Your Pet For Holiday Boarding

This blog will help you prepare your pet for holiday boarding.  It may seem like Christmas is still weeks away, but now is the time to start making plans if you want to board your pet.  The boarding kennel at your Richmond veterinary hospital has plenty of room but don’t wait until the last minute to make preparations.  Here are a few things you should do beforehand.

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Pet Proofing Your Yard for Spring

Your pets, just like you, will be experiencing spring fever this season.    What can you do to protect your pet in your yard and protect your yard from your pet?  Besides providing food, water and shelter for your pet, here are a few ideas to get you started.

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A Veterinarian for Your Exotic Pet

If you are looking for a veterinarian for your exotic pet, you will find Dr. Victoria Crabtree will help you take care of just about any pet you have.  This is great news for those of us who love animals and enjoy the company of unconventional pets.  Special animals require special care and it’s nice to know when you have a concern about your pet you have somewhere to turn to.

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Top 5 Spring Hazards

Spring has sprung, and with the change of season comes new activities, and new chances for your pet to get into some things that could potentially make them ill. To help protect your pet, we've listed the Top 5 Spring Time Hazards you should be aware of.

#1 Easter

Chocolate: It probably comes as no surprise to you that chocolate is a big no-no. A potentially lethal dose of chocolate for a 16lb. animal is only 2oz. of baker’s chocolate. 

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