Treatment Technician

Treatment Technician

Treatment technicians are responsible for completing the treatments, running diagnostic tests per doctor on duty orders, medication administration, intake and discharge of hospitalized patients, discussing financial standings with pet owners, daily hospital charges, as well as patient charting/ notes, as well as administering medications to boarding pets as needed.Treatment tech This team member is also responsible for updating pet owners about the status of hospitalized patients as well as maintaining a clean treatment area. This person should always maintain a positive attitude, excellent patient care and customer service. A candidate for this position should demonstrate a passion for patient quality of care, should be a licensed veterinary technician, hired from within, or have equivalent experience in emergency/ critical care. This position career path is Head Treatment Technician.  


-Licensed Vet Technician 


-Equal experience in emergency or critical care 

Skills Required: 

Proper animal restraint 

Peripheral catheter placement 


Basic bandage application 

Administration of oral and parenteral medications 

Knowledge of various routes of drug administration 

Aseptic surgical area preparation

Recording vital signs (Temp, Pulse, Resp, and Pain Asses.) 

Perform basic laboratory tests (PCV, TP, UA, cytology staining, fecal analysis)

Maintain proper medical records and computer skills 

Surgical scrubbing and gowning 

Knowledge of in-house and reference laboratory tests


Paid time off 

Oppurtunity for advancements 

Oppurtunity for Bonuses 

Company scrubs 

Free annual wellness packages (up to three pets) 


Schedule Requirements: 

Being a 24/7 hosiptal our team members have to be willing to work 12 hour shifts, some weekends and volunteer for holidays. 

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