Surgery Technician

Surgery Technician


Surgery technicians are responsible for surgery check-ins, patient triage when necessary, prepping the surgery suite, preparing patients for surgery (IVC placement, sedatives, etc.), running pre-op labs as necessary, monitoring anesthesia, post-op patient monitoring (extubating patients), surgery room cleaning and breakdown, begin cleaning surgery packs, gathering patient medications to go home, writing discharge instructions per doctor on duty and surgery invoicing. Surgery Technicians will also assist doctor on duty with dental prophylaxis. The surgery technician will also contact owners post-op routine surgeries with patient updates. A candidate for this position should demonstrate a passion for patient quality of care, should be a licensed veterinary technician or have equivalent experience in surgery/ anesthesia monitoring.

Skills Required: 

Proper animal restraint

Peripheral catheter placement


Basic bandage application

Administration of oral and parenteral medications

Knowledge of various routes of drug administration

Aseptic surgical area preparation

Surgical supply sterilization preparation

Recording vital signs (Temp, Pulse, Resp, and Pain Asses.)

Perform basic laboratory tests (PCV, TP, UA, cytology staining, fecal analysis)

Maintain proper medical records and computer skills

Surgical scrubbing and gowning


Paid time off 

Oppurtunity for advancements 

Oppurtunity for Bonuses 

Company scrubs 

Free annual wellness packages (up to three pets) 

Schedule Requirements: 

Needs to be able to work on hospitals designated surgery days: 

-Every Wednesday/Thursday

-Every other Tuesday/Friday 

And the occasional emergency surgery on weekends 

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