Dr. Cullman Clark graduated May 2018 as a part of the inaugural class of Lincoln Memorial University-College of Veterinary Medicine. Soon after her graduating she was hired as an associate veterinarian at AAC as one of the night ER doctors. She spent her fourth year of veterinary school traveling around the country at different rotation sites. She was able to experience many different aspects of the profession as well as different clinical settings of veterinary medicine. Before veterinary school Cullman- Clark was a state licensed wildlife rehabilitator. She really enjoyed taking care of wildlife. She enjoys working with exotic/ pocket pets and by default she says she also enjoys working with pigs because of her own pig Jerry. Other special interests of hers would also include surgery, dermatology, and end of life care.

She is happily married to her husband TC and has three beautiful children: Jack, Lucy and Max.
The family also has its fair share of furry and not so furry pets. They have quite the zoo which includes five dogs, ten cats, chickens, one duck, one pot bellied pig, tree frogs, an anole, a guinea pig, and fish.
In her free time she also enjoys cooking, gardening, sewing and painting.