Dr. Venable was born and raised in Pineville, KY where his family is still located. While most of his family works in human medicine, Dr. Venable decided to attend WKU to pursue his dream of becoming a veterinarian. After graduating from WKU with a bachelors degree in Biology and Agriculture, he attended Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine (War Eagle) and received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2014. At Auburn, his experiences led him to fall in love with internal medicine and surgery. Instead of pursuing an internship, Dr. Venable decided to live and work in different areas of the country while experiencing different clinical settings. He has experience in private and corporate business as a general practitioner as well as a primary emergency doctor in Florida, Georgia, and Hawaii. After a long search for a practice to bring him closer to home and family, he found Advanced Animal Care and moved to Richmond to join the team. 

He is moving from Florida with his partner and their 5 dogs. Tanner is a 12 year old Chocolate Lab that has been with Dr. Venable since the summer he moved to Auburn, Miss Vanjie is a 3 year old Boston Terrier with all the attitude in the world, and Ruby is a 1.5 year old German Shorthair Pointer that loves to go running. His partner added a german shepherd (Sully) and yellow lab (Archer) to the family when they met. Brad is close to his family and can't wait to be closer to his 1 year old nephew Cam. When he isn't at work, he likes to travel stateside and abroad for leisure, concerts, and live sporting events. With an affinity for the outdoors and water, you might catch him out on a hike or run when the weather is nice. His next big adventure is learning to play the piano and the banjo. 

We are so glad to have him on our team!