Dr. Godman

Veterinarian, Owner
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Doctor Godman is a Kentucky native whose passion for animals began while growing up on his family’s farm! Dr. Godman is a proud Auburn University Veterinary School Graduate (DVM) and has since obtained his Masters in Veterinary Science at the University of Kentucky. Dr. Godman has been practicing Veterinary Medicine for 25 years and counting!







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I'm Dr. Godman, Locust Trace Vet Clinic, here to answer a few questions just about our clinic.

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Locust Trace is a full-service small animal clinic. We do an occasional large animal but that's more for educational purposes. So just think of us as a small animal clinic. Pretty much anything you can do at any other small animal clinic, we do here.


We are affiliated with Locust Trace AgriScience Center, so we do have some students who come in for observation, just to see a normal, everyday, small animal clinic in practice.


The best part about being a veterinarian is you get to see. First of all, I get to work with animals. And you get to see a wide range of topics, situations, conditions. Anything from routine, from the puppies and kittens, to older dogs, to sick animals, to some interesting tumors, sick conditions, something just to keep you on your toes.


A spirit animal would have to be either: A horse, a giraffe or an elephant.




I don't know. I've just always liked all three of those.


If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?




We have a nice laid-back atmosphere. You've got a little bit of everything going on. There is occasional observation from the kids. We hope that they learn something. You've got a nice client base. For the most part, people just care for their animals.


Coffee or tea?




Call or text?




Early bird or night owl?


Night owl.


Summer or winter?




Breakfast or dinner?




Beach or mountains?




Sweet or salty?




Facebook or Instagram?




Veggies or fruit?