Advanced is not just our name, it is the way we seek to operate at all levels. Our internship program is no exception. Advanced interns will gain experience in a seven-doctor, twenty-four hour, full-service medical facility. Because our client's pets deserve the highest quality of care, we are looking for motivated, intelligent, hard working interns. 

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The Advanced Animal Care internship is here to teach you, guide you, and give you the experience that you want out of it.

Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Katie at Advanced Animal Care Richmond. I'm the director of training and development. Here at Advanced Animal Care, we can offer students a unique learning experience because we're open 24/7. We are a general practice, but we also see emergencies. First thing that we do, part of the internship program, is we sit you down, we talk about your goals, your requirements, whatever you want to actually get out of the program. We make sure that we set all of those learning objectives, and then next we start working on them.


You will learn skills here that will help you build careers in the veterinary industry. Some of those skills will be watching how veterinarians interact with our clients and with our patients. Also, helping clients learn about different types of preventatives, heartworm cycle, the flea cycle, and helping client education overall. As an intern, you can expect to definitely see a lot of everything. We are very high volume and fast paced. Then you can expect to learn basic animal restraint, basic triage, which is just getting history and asking owner's information. We'll also cover basic vaccine knowledge.

What You Do

 An opening is available at our practice for an individual seeking to fulfill the experience requirement for Co-Op Internships or Veterinary school applications. Depending on qualifications and experience, this may include opportunities to provide supervised assistance in areas such as…

  • Observing routine/ non-routine veterinary procedures

  • Basic Animal Restraint

  • Patient History/ Triage Intake

  • Learning In-House/ Outside laboratory procedures


Minimum Position Requirements

  • Currently enrolled in an Animal Science/ Biology/ Agriculture program at an accredited educational institution

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 

  • Positive attitude

  • Ability to thrive in a high-volume and fast-paced environment

  • Willingness to assist in routine clinic cleaning procedures and completing tasks as asked by supervisor

-Intern responsibilities can range from cleaning cages and walking dogs to assisting veterinarians and observing surgeries.

-Your role may change daily depending on the needs of the hospital and staff. Typically students will intern between fifteen and twenty hours per week.


What You Get

-Exposure to state-of-the-art equipment, including: Digital X-ray, Surgical and Therapeutic Lasers, Full in-house laboratory, Ultrasound and Endoscope.

-Relationships with Veterinary professionals and para-professionals.

-Increased likelihood of future employment at one of the Advanced network of hospitals.

-A personal letter of recommendation from our Chief of Staff Dr. Allison Conner*

*Dependent on a high-level of performance

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(Our internship is limited to a small number of students per semester and students should be in pursuit of a veterinary related degree.)