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We thought you can hear the words from our very own team member. Katie about this town - I have been a Lexington resident for almost 5 years. I cannot say enough good things about this city! The people are incredible, however, its the city's and local business' commitment to pet-friendliness that I fell in love with. There are so many local breweries, patios, dog parks, and nature walks where pets are welcome! My dog is a big part of my life, so it makes it nice that he also has the opportunity to get out and socialize. My favorite place to take my dog too is the Barkery! Every year for his birthday I take him there to get one of their big "Happy Birthday" cookies! Even most housing in Lexington is accepting of pets! It was easy to find a nice place in town that accepted furry-family members!

Pet Friendly Activities in Lexington, Kentucky

Masterson Station Dog Park

Location:3051 Leestown Road Lexington, KY 40511

Very Spacious Dog Park!

Jacobson Dog Park

Location:4001 Athens Boonesboro Rd Lexington Ky 40509

Pet Friendly Restaurants in Lexington, Kentucky

Double Dogs

Location:1916 Justice Drive Lexington, KY 40509

This restaurant has pet friendly patio seating :)

Blue Stallion Brewing Company

Location:610 W 3rd Street Lexington KY 40508

Recommended Pet Services in Lexington, Kentucky

Pet paws self service Pet wash and Grooming salon

Location:2519 Regency Rd. Lexington, KY 40503


Pet Stores and Supplies in Lexington, Kentucky

Bluegrass Barkery

Location 1: 162 Old Todds Rd #150, Lexington, KY 40509

Location 2: 152 W Tiverton Way, Lexington, KY 40503

Local gourmet goodies for furry family members

Southern Barker

Location: 1890 star shoot pkwy #175 Lexington, ky 40509

Important Organizations in Lexington, Kentucky

Lexington Humane Society

Location:1600 Old Frankfort Pike Road Lexington KY, 40504

Lexington Animal Care and Control

Location:1600 Old Frankfort Pike Road Lexington KY, 40504

Lexington, Kentucky Demographics & Economic Data

Population Information

Population as of 2017: 321,959
Males: 158,325 (49.2%)
Females: 163,634 (50.8%)

Median resident age: 34.3 years

Estimated median household income in 2017: $56,137

Zip Codes:

40361, 40502, 40503, 40504, 40505, 40506, 40507, 40508, 40509, 40510, 40511, 40513, 40514, 40515, 40516, 40517

Home Prices in 2017

Estimated median house or condo value: $109,100


  • All housing units: $234,042
  • Detached houses: $239,136
  • Townhouses or other attached units: $169,604
  • In 2-unit structures: $302,624
  • In 3-to-4-unit structures: $127,275
  • In 5-or-more-unit structures: $170,589
  • Mobile homes: $120,655